Sunday, May 5, 2013

POP Update from Texas

It has been a while since I last updated you my readers.  I am currently living and working in Texas while my family is still at home.  The first weekend I was here, I found a wonderful, missions minded church called "Northwood."  Several people have reached out to me during this difficult time of being separated from my loved ones, my home, my church, my horse, etc.  Northwood has a heart for Asia as I do (Nepal) as well as Mexico and in the local community.  They even use the word "Glocal" to describe their outreach to the world for Christ.  Same as my home church at LSCC.  Today, I visited a newly renovated baseball field in an old, poor neighborhood.  The dedication of this "new" facility is next Saturday, May 11th which happens to be my birthday.  I plan to be there since I have nothing else to do.
My desire is to return to Nepal with the Team this October and continue our work at HOPE Home.  Your support and prayers are very important to me, especially now.  Please share this blog with others who will join in our efforts to bring "the gift of play" to the world and much more.  Thanks,

Friday, March 8, 2013

My playground and ministry activities have taken an unexpect turn.  I'm currently working Texas to support my family.  I have found a good church here that are very missions oriented.  My desire is to return to Nepal this fall and continue contributing to the success of HOPE for Nepal Children's Home.  It's been too long since our last trip......2010.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nepal Trip ON HOLD Again?!!!

Well, due to jobs, family situations and other reasons, my team is not making the trip to Nepal this October. It will now have been two years since we have seen the children at HOPE for Nepal Children's Home and my "adopted" daughter Mamata. Unless I find another guy to travel with me, I am not sure I want to make such a trip alone. Kids Around the World has some playground building trips coming up but none are in the time frame I want to go nor do I sense a calling to go. Hard to believe 2012 will be void of no playground build trips for POP. Please keep me in your prayers about my job and for future opportunities to bring "the gift of play" to the forgotten children of the world. Thanks, Mark.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Season of Change

These are photos from the mission trip that started it all in 2005. I helped teach "conversational" English to Polish high school and college students. While on this trip, I took my first photos of playgrounds in Poland. Looking back on this trip, I am very happy about the direction my life has taken. From the adoption of David and Ania in 2007, to the many trips back to Poland and of course the 2 trips to Nepal. I thank God for the opportunity to serve the forgotten children of the world who need the "gift of play." Some of you know that my life is again at a crossroads. In April, my department at the school district where I work, was disbanded and I took another job with another department. On the other hand, my fundraising efforts continues to grow and I hope to be an adjunct professor with the OSHA Research Institute at the Metropolitan Community Colleges in Kansas City starting this fall. These develops and the addition of some consulting opportunities could expedite my 5 year plan to focus on missions much sooner. Your prayers for God's direction and protection is greatly appreciated.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Update from Mr. Playground for 2012

Dear POP Friends, Here is a brief update on POP activities for 2012. The trip to Nepal with Kids Around the World has been cancelled indefiniately. Problems with shipping playground equipment to Nepal....Go figure?!!! lol. Our two organizations will probably work closer this year. No trip planned with them yet, but we are working on a couple of ideas. Also, the HOPE for Nepal team at Lee's Summit Community Church is planning another trip in October. Could open up all kinds of opportunities in terms of education and training for the kids and young adults. Also, looking into going to the Phillipines with several others to help establish home based businesses, maybe do some business coaching and possibly a playground with the Madison's. More later...... Thanks for your support. Mark White

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Goal for 2012: "I'm Going back to Kkkkkkkkk.. Kathmandu!"

Kids Around the World are planning a playground build trip to Nepal and since I've been there twice, it would make sense for me to go with them and "show them the ropes" of navigating around Nepal. With their connections and playground project partners in Nepal, maybe....just maybe we can get OUR playground equipment out of the Customs warehouse near the airport (if it is still there after 2 was as of last year). Also, I want to stay at HOPE Home and try and figure out a way to provide some on-going help and support.

The best thing you all can do is to promote this blog and get others involved in our work.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. Playground

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My New Best Friend...Michael McMeel

Michael McMeel is the Founder and President of Inner City Slickers. He has been working with inner city and at-risk young people for over 19 years. He is the "real deal" in my book. A true gentleman and compassionate individual who's word is his bond.