Friday, October 21, 2011

Playground Celebration - Square Dancing in Poland 2011

POP - "Poster Child" for KaBOOM's End of the Year Giving

Got an email yesturday from KaBOOM (a playground advocacy and community build organization) asking me to be part of 50 people they want to highlight in order to inspire people to give to KaBOOM as "a part of the year end giving." This is great publicity for Playgrounds Of Peace and our work in Poland and Nepal.

Help Me Promote this Blog

Greetings friends of Playgrounds Of Peace. I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor? Would you please promote this blog to others who might be interested in supporting our efforts around the world? With Pine Ridge and the Nepal build trips on the horizon, I could use your help in promoting our work and this blog. Any suggestions for promoting this blog to the world would be great!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update for 2012 Projects

Well it looks like I will be going back to Nepal in the spring with Kids Around the World this time. Hoping they can help POP get our playground equipment out of the Customs warehouse facility. Our equipment has been held by the Nepali government since 2009 and is still in a warehouse near the airport in Kathmandu as of October 2010. If I can get another team from LSCC together we will continue our work at the HOPE for Nepal Children's Home. If not, I will go to the home myself.

Another project is in the works for 2010 involving building a playground at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, SD. POP hopes to work in concert with KATW, the Inner City Slickers organization as well as the Open Range Native American Outreach, Pine Ridge Gospel Fellowship and former NBA player Mr. Joe C. Merriweather. Not are we only building a playground but we hope to build a sense of "community" understanding and hope.

Check out the current "Before" picture of the playground at Pine Ridge and what we hope to install next year along with a baskeball court.