Sunday, May 31, 2009

This photo is of Burt Whaley and I at the "Dom Dziecka" (children's home) near Wolsztyn, Poland in March of 2009.  With the significant discount from BigToys and the wonderful supporters of POP, we were able to add another spinning piece of playground equipment.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Talked to Uttam

I talked to Uttam on Skype last night.  It appears that the trip is on!  We discussed the logistics of our 12 person team and the delivery of the playground equipment from BigToys.  Now I've got to get busy and raise support!

Friday, May 29, 2009

My New Email Address for POP

My new email address for corresponding with me about "Playgrounds Of Peace" is:

Well it looks like BigToys, Inc. is going to donate the playground equipment for the Nepal trip this fall.  We only have to raise money for the shipping.  I'm going to talk to the President of BigToys today and work out the details.  The big question now is confirming the logistics with our in-country contact "Uttam."  He is currently in Australia.  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Support POP by Joining SendOutCards

SendOutCards is "changing the world, one card at a time."  Check out this great video and join us!  Log onto to my website and send 3 cards as our guest:  A portion of the profits are used to fund our POP "playgrounds and relationship building" trips.  Currently, we are planning a trip to Nepal this October to build a playground at an orphanage.
This is a photo of my wife and I on our first trip together to Poland to meet David and Ania.  It was taken at the "Dom Dziecka" (children's home) where the kids live in 2007.   You can see one of the "Spinnerbowls" that was installed during our first playground building trip in the fall 2006.  After the completion of our adoption of David and Ania, another trip was planned and POP was born.   

Playgrounds of Peace "POP" Starts Blog

Playgrounds of Peace ("POP") blog.  Well, I did it!  Started a "Facebook" account, set up a new email address ( and launched this blog.  Next I will tackle a web site.  If this ministry is ever to get off the ground, I needed to communicate with as many people as possible to get out the message of "building playgrounds and relationships" around the world for the children who need it most....those housed in orphanages across the globe!

Check out my new support raising and supporter appreciation web site and send 3 cards as my guest: