Friday, March 26, 2010

POP News

It seems like all I do lately is wait for playground equipment. I thought I had all the paperwork submitted that was necessary to process our grant check from FRUA but our friend Adele stilled what is called an "EIN#." I thought that the documents from LSCC had that on them but I guess not. Anyway, Mike at LSCC came through again and got the number for us. We need to order equipment right away! Hopefully KOMPAN will consider matching the grant. This would be huge! A great way to finish our work at Dom Dziecka "Droga."

I spoke at a networking luncheon yesturday and someone offered to donate a high quality (white cedar) playground set worth about $4,000. I've got a couple of ideas for it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

POP Promotions

Playgrounds Of Peace continues to get some attention from the community. On March 1st, I spoke at my daughter's school for their "Diversity Fair." I was so well received that the school is planning a fund-raiser for current and future POP projects. I showed the Hope for Nepal Video and had a booth with photos from both our Poland and Nepal projects. Lisa Smith, wife of Nepal Team member Duane Smith, informed that this years' VBS (Vacation Bible School) at Lee's Summit Community Church (summer 2010) will include an emphasis on missions and a fund-raiser for POP. What a blessing!

Please pray for me and the future of POP. We are at a crossroads. POP either becomes it's own non-profit organization or merge with another group. Thank you for your continued support. 11 weeks until the Poland trip!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hope for Nepal Video

Updates from Nepal & Poland

During the past couple of weeks Uttam contacted me via Skype and asked for another equipment donation letter and invoice from BigToys, Inc. and POP. The "new" letter and the invoice listed the official name of the children's home which is "Hope for the Nations, Nepal - Hope for Nepal Children's Home." Still no word as to when the equipment will be released so it can be picked up and delivered to the site. It appears now that the first opportunity to take another team over to Nepal to install the equipment would be October of 2010.

In the meantime, POP is going to Poland in June. My friend Adele with FRUA requested a couple of documents from POP and the Church. The Church was super fast in getting the documents ready and emailed for me! Adele is going to put a cover letter on the documents and submit the package to the FRUA Board and/or Treasurer for the grant check to be issued. I spoke with Joel Roddell of PG Playgrounds (KOMPAN Rep. for this area) and he made some suggestions as to what equipment to put in at the Dom Dziecka. Also, the King David School in Poznan looks like it is going to stay at it's current location. This more "permanent" arrangement gives us another opportunity to add to the their playground. Therefore, since the "Cowboy Bible Camp" and horse clinic is not going to happen this trip, working at King David School gives us another ministry opportunity.

I am preparing a presentation for the Administration of King David School, interested persons from 5N Baptist Church and various missionaries on "adopting" a concept like the Hope for Nepal model for a children's home, but make it more applicable to Poland. Using called, committed and trained Christian Foster Parents and funneling these homes into a central center of activity like Pawel's horse ranch to develop family, community, love and support, etc. would be the general idea. Providing a good education through King David School would also be an important part of the plan. We'll see what happens. Regardless, the Poles must step up and take ownership.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poland Trip is On - for now....

Playgrounds Of Peace will be going to Poland for another playground build in June. This is assuming we get the grant from FRUA for the equipment. More details to follow.