Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last Day in Poland and Maybe the Most Important

Today I am meeting with our lawyer to help another couple to adopt a child. Still no exact time for our meeting. This afternoon I am going to the Dom Dziecka to visit with the girl, then meet with the Director of the facility. On July 1, this facility will close and the remaining children moved to a smaller facility in a nearby town. This creates an unexpect problem in that the 11+ pieces of equipment that POP teams have installed over the past 6 years needs to go to the new facility IMMEDIATELY! What I have heard so far is that one of the staff members wants to remove the equipment from the current site and move the pieces to the new site using the labor of the older boys in the Dom Dziecka. Coming from a playground safety background (CPSI) I am not happy with this idea. Hopefully, I can work out a way to safely remove the equipment with the least amount of damage and lost parts or hardware, then design a new playground at the new Dom Dziecka. Again, it isn't as easy as just pulling the stuff out of the ground and transplanting to a new site with a little concrete. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Photos from the Build in Poland

Check out these photos of Police, neighbors, City Officals, Baptist Church members, Rotarians and the KATW team all working together on a common cause so the children can have a nice place to play!

Glogow, Poland Playground Building 2011

Here are some photos of work day #1 and #2. Note: We didn't work Sunday and today (May 3) is a national holiday in Poland (Constitution Day).

Greetings from Glogow, Poland!

This is my 10th trip to Poland and my 6th playground building project. This time I am on a team organized and lead by Kids Around the World (KATW). KATW is working with the local government, law enforcement, the Baptist Church and Rotary Clubs International to build a playground in a complex of "block housing." The "reconditioned" playground equipment as well as tools and supplies was brought over by shipping container. KATW is an absolutely wonderful organization! They are doing what I have envisioned Playgrounds Of Peace to be like. The hospitality of the Baptist Churcha and the many partcipants in this projects is fantastic!