Monday, December 7, 2009

The Future of POP?

After returning from Nepal, I searched on line for others out there that were "like-minded" as Playgrounds Of Peace. I met Jim Rosene of "Kids Around the World" on line and followed up with a phone call. It was an amazing conversation! Kids Around the World (KATW) has a project in Nepal (possibly with Women's Foundation of Nepal) and another project in POLAND!!! Both are happening in 2010. I believe this is more than a coincidence. I am constantly amazing how the Lord puts me in contact with extraordinary people in business and those involved in building playgrounds and relationships with a Gospel component. Anyway, I'm going to St. Louis on December 21st to meet with Jim Rosene in person to see what the Lord may have in store for our two organizations. Please pray.

Update on Playground Equipment

I talked with Uttam via Skype and email and it appears that our case has now be elevated to the Nepali Government Cabinet level. This is in my estimation partly due to the fact that the value of the playground equipment supplied to us by BigToys, Inc. The equipment is valued at $7,500 USD which is over a half a million Nepali Rupees! Anyway, Uttam and I drafted a letter for Tim at BigToys to sign and notarized. The original will be sent via Fed Ex to Brother Nepal who will give it to another brother who will deliver it to the Nepali government. Hopefully, the equipment will be released and delivered to Hope Home by Christmas! I'm not "holding my breath" on this development, but it looks real promising.