Thursday, May 31, 2012

Season of Change

These are photos from the mission trip that started it all in 2005. I helped teach "conversational" English to Polish high school and college students. While on this trip, I took my first photos of playgrounds in Poland. Looking back on this trip, I am very happy about the direction my life has taken. From the adoption of David and Ania in 2007, to the many trips back to Poland and of course the 2 trips to Nepal. I thank God for the opportunity to serve the forgotten children of the world who need the "gift of play." Some of you know that my life is again at a crossroads. In April, my department at the school district where I work, was disbanded and I took another job with another department. On the other hand, my fundraising efforts continues to grow and I hope to be an adjunct professor with the OSHA Research Institute at the Metropolitan Community Colleges in Kansas City starting this fall. These develops and the addition of some consulting opportunities could expedite my 5 year plan to focus on missions much sooner. Your prayers for God's direction and protection is greatly appreciated.