Saturday, October 2, 2010

POP Update

Okay, for you few followers of the Playgrounds Of Peace blog, here is an update. I am leading a team of 5 other volunteers to Nepal this month to work at the HOPE for Nepal Children's Home. Although money this year has been tight, I believe we have enough last minute donations to complete objectives. Thanks to SendOutCards and the POP-STARS team and my few but loyal supporters, my trip expenses are paid for. Our objectives this time include: 1. playground - install 2 spinners and repair/replace the swings, 2. outfit the Home with a complete set of tools to increase their production of water purifications systems and at the same time give valuable vocational training to the older children, 3. develop on-going support for each child living at the home. Currently, there are 21 children at the home due to the fact that the Young Adult Home closed and 5 young people are now at the Godawari location.

We have an excellent team including: a professional photographer, an artist, an advocate for orphans and her son, a Registered Play Therapist and of course me....Mr. Playground.

I hope to keep those who subscribe to this blog updated along with photos of our trip to Nepal. After our mission is completed at Godawari, we plan to take a brief trek into the mountains. One more thing off the "bucket list."

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  1. I found a link to this site via an article in a Honduran online news service. However, you have no contact information. Or general information about your program. What is playgrounds for peace? How is one eligible? I have a program of 100 kids in a poor area near the capital of Tegucigalpa, Honduras where children play in dirt or in the rocks of the mountainside. Honduras is a violent country with a high murder and kidnapping rate. Violence and abuse against children are very common. But, again, how can I contact this group? Is is a non-profit? My email is