Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pine Ridge, Nepal Update & Partnership with ICS

Greetings POP Supporters. I had a wonderful weekend in St. Louis with the Inner City Slicker organization and the St. Louis core group. After participating in this 2 day event, it confirms my thoughts that "kids are the same and want the samethings worldwide." At the begininning of each day, I saw the same looks of on the faces of the children from inner city St. Louis as I have seen on the faces of children in Poland and Nepal. By the end of the day, no one wanted to go home. Children got to be kids again for a whole day and learn core life values such as trust, committment, respect, teamwork and "surrender" (yielding to help others and be helped yourself). Wow, what a wonderful group of "like-minded" adult leaders and mentors or "Wranglers." Photos later.

As for the Pine Ridge project it looks like we are changing locations for the playground. Founder and President of "Inner City Slickers" Michael McMeel got me in touch with a lady at the Pine Ridge Reservation who is a friend of the Principal at the elementary school at Wounded Knee, SD. It seems that the need for a playground is greater at this location and may be actually easier to coordinate since it part of a public school district. Stay tuned.

As for Nepal, the trip with Kid's Around the World is on. Whether we can get our playground equipment out of Customs storage (where it has been since 2009) is another question, but we continue to hope and pray for a good resolution to this situation.

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  1. Well, this project has never gotten off the ground. We thought we might have a chance of building a playground at a public school at Wounded Knee but no support for this project either. Stay tuned.