Thursday, May 6, 2010


The trip is on. Airline tickets have been purchased. Grant check from FRUA has been received. In the process of ordering equipment. There is a possibility that we won't get the equipment from KOMPAN to the site in time. Looking at some alternatives.

Our contacts in Nepal requested yet another set of documents. This time, changing the name of the organization that is actually donating the equipment (i.e. from Big Toys to LSCC and POP). Also, the original invoice was about $30 USD below the most recent invoice we sent in the amount of $7,500 USD. The Nepalese government is actually concerned about $30 USD, can you believe it?! Unbelievable! Of course alot of this could have been avoided if communications and a clear understanding of what was needed between POP and Hope Home would have been better over the past 6 months. The social and political situation in Nepal is getting worse and the entire Country is basically shutdown due to strikes by the Maoists who are demanding the current government leaders step down. Our little playground equipment problem is very small in light of the turmoil going on in Nepal. Even our contacts now admit we need to get the US State Department and Embassy involved again.

Talked to Jim at KATW about me traveling to their headquarters to meet with the rest of the KATW team. I'd like to particpate in one of their upcoming build trips.

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