Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Playgrounds Of Peace"- How Did We Get That Name?

Some may ask how we came up with the name "Playgrounds Of Peace" or "POP" for short. Well, the inspiration for the name came to me as I watched some of our "senior" playground building volunteers from the USA, who were seen working side by side with some Polish teenage orphans. This observation took place during the August 2006 project at Dom Dziecka "Droga" located in the small village of Goscieszyn, Poland. Neither one understood the language but they were working together. Our older gentlemen volunteers were showing their younger Polish counterpart how to work with tools and how to pain. The thought came to my head...."that's what you do with your "Dad" or "Pop" in the backyard." "You work together on a project or play a game together." I also thought of the Lord Jesus Christ....."POP" can also stand for "Prince of Peace." Playgrounds should be a place of peace. A place where kids can be kids. A place where they can remove themselves from the stress and worries of the world.....including the trauma that many of these orphans have and continue to experience. A place where kids can freely play and grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. A "Playground Of Peace."

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