Thursday, June 4, 2009

World-Wide Support Opportunity for POP

Since enrolling in the SendOutCards program in February, I've learned that this efficient and cost effective "relationship and appreciation marketing" tool can not only be used for business to stay in contact with their customers, but help Playgrounds Of Peace fulfill the Biblical mandate of James 1:27. The big test for this system came when I was in Poland in March when I took photos of the playground build site, then went back to my computer and sent a thank you card to those who donated money for the equipment we installed. This was great because the card arrived in their mailbox BEFORE I even got home from the trip!

Now we have an opportunity to expand our network of supporters world-wide by sharing SendOutCards with business and individuals. My good friend Martin from Poland who is currently working in Australia has set up a website that will make it easy for people to enroll and use the system. In turn, a portion of the earnings I recieve will go directly to building playgrounds & relationships around the world! My SendOutCards account is listed as "Playgrounds Of Peace." I'm excited about the possibilities of funding part or eventually ALL of POP activities through this unique communication system.

Therefore, you bloggers out there in the following growing list of Countries can join the POP team by enrolling yourself or business into the SOC program by logging onto the following website:

Countries now include: Australia, UK, Canada, USA

On to Nepal!

Mark White
"Mr. Playground"

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