Friday, June 5, 2009

Roadmonkey - Adventure Philanthropy

Several months ago, I hosted a webinar for KaBOOM. In my presentation I used the example of an organization called "Roadmonkey" to show how others are "bringing the gift of play to children around the world" like POP. The unique thing I see about "Roadmonkey" is how they combined adventure and humanitarian work. They call this "Adventure Philantropy." How cool is that?!!! I've always been an "adventure junky" myself and this organization combines two of my favorite things......playgrounds and touring the "real" other words traveling "off the beaten path," and building relationships and community through playground building. My new friend Paul von Zielbauer, founder of "Roadmonkey" and I finally connected on the phone today. I'm looking forward to hopefully working together on future playground projects together.

Check out their website:

P.S. The "Twenty Years.." quote by Mark Twain (famous Missourian!) is at the top of the Roadmonkey website. It presents a great perspective on life.

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