Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You POP Supporters!

Last night we hosted the unofficial "unveiling" of the new POP logo along with a presentation by my good friend and business associate, Eric Clemmons, an Executive with SendOutCards. Thank you, my closest friends and supporters for attending this special gathering at our home. It was truly a blessing to have you as a key part of the Playgrounds Of Peace team!

For those of you unfamilar with SendOutCards and the wonderful opportunity for individuals and businesses to stay in touch and show appreciate to friends, customers, referrals, etc.; then you need to check it out for yourself! Log onto the the link above and send 3 cards as my guest! You will be amazed how cool this system is and how it can be used. POP is not the only group using SOC for fund-raising. Another SOC Distributor has set it up to raise money for the American Heart Association. Therefore, every time someone sends a card or refers a new user to SOC, the Association receives a nice donation! That is exactly what we want to do with SOC here at POP.

Thanks again for your support.

Please continue to pray for financial support for our team (10 members) and for the shipping cost of the donated equipment from BigToys. The cost of the trip, per team member is about $3,000. We are starting to run out of time, but I am not worried. God is always on time, in HIS timing.

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