Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Letter from David Richardson - Moldova Orphanage

Moldova time; Thursday 9/24/09 7:45am - US. Central time; Wednesday 9/23/09 11:45pm
Here are some of the kids that are in my group, their are also a few babies that are only 1-2 months old. The last 2 pictures are the girls that I volunteer with, live in the same flat with and Vica loves there with us. The girl in my cowboy hat is Ruth, she is 18. The girl on the swing is Jessica, she is 19. We all have a lot of fun playing with the children and outside the orphanage. Both of the girls are from England, they met online while planning their trips to Moldova. They emailed each other for 7 months before meeting for the first time here at the airport in Chisinau, they get along smashingly well for never having met before and the are so funny.
Well I need to get ready to go, I am going to visit a boarding school and sit in on a lecture that Vica is giving today.
in Christ,

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