Monday, September 28, 2009

New Fund-raiser Opportunity Through SendOutCards...the "SOCBox"

Greetings POP Supporters and SOC:

If anyone has been looking at SendOutCards yet felt they could not afford the $398 to get involved. There is a new option now that was just announced at the convention in Salt Lake City called the SOCBox .....

We will be able to market a Party Plan Package as a product it will be a $50 commissionable
sale. We will be able to expand our market through those who want to build SOC through a Party Plan model (Note: Nothing is changing with out current MLM Comp plan). As a SOC Affiliate you will be able to enroll people who want to market SOC through the home party model.

Retail Affiliate Plan
Low cost entry for the Party Plan Model

SOC has made a package called the SOCBox which includes a DVD Presentation
and from that DVD they have a business in a box and account for SOC. Includes
credits to send 10 Greeting cards and access to our card editor Picture Plus.

$25 Wholesale $49 Retail ($100 Bonus if you sell 10 boxes Thats a total of
$340.00 in commissions once) 30 day activation for the 10 boxes.

(This product has been being tested with some of the leaders in SOC with home parties
for several months with a huge success!)

In a nutshell people can come into SOC through the party plan model and those
people who do this will qualify the business builder commissions and bonuses as
the Home Party Model grows.

If you want more information just email me at


Mark White
Playgrounds Of Peace

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